Port Elizabeth Beaches Go Clean


A new campaign has been launched to clean up Coastal in Port Elizabeth by The Coastal Clean-ups.

Port Elizabeth Coastal Clean-ups is a local initiative focused on cleaning debris and litter from all Port Elizabeth beaches by regular beach clean-ups.
This initiative is to start its first event at the Cape Recife beach on Saturday on the 11th of May. All volunteers will be at the beach from 10:00 to 12:00.the aim of this initiative is to preserve a safe environment for coastal inhabitants. The founder of Port Elizabeth Coastal Clean-ups Michell said “litter and debris are often easy to ignore, but when you see the negative effects it has on our beautiful marine life, it calls for some attention”.
The initiative works in association with African Unity Foundation to organize all their events. The founder says it’s a great way in which friends, family and individuals can come together to take care of the fragile marine environment.It doesn’t just clean up debris but also helps children learn about the impacts of debris and litter on marine life.
This initiative gets students from local school including students from various societies at Nelson Mandela University who want to help.
The volunteers are given bags,gloves,sunscreen,sausage rolls and cool drinks after clean ups.Michelle said “it creates a social atmosphere for participants and a feeling of camaraderie. It is also lovely to be able to give the kids from underprivileged schools and homes a free snack and cool drink after their efforts”.
African Unity Foundation offers incentives to corporate sponsors in the form of BEE certificates/18A certificates for tax benefits.


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