Opinion Piece:Dark Skin Vs Dark Skin


Dark Skin Vs Dark Skin
So many black people have been arguing about the segregation amongst themselves that those who are light skin are considered much prettier and more intelligent than those who are in dark in complexion.
Darkness is being associated with evil, ugliness and stupidity. People have taken those stereotypical perceptions and put them onto themselves and others.

The media has played a very huge role in the way black people think towards dark and light skin people. Advertising most of the lighting and skin bleaching cream, especially to young black girls. Even in most of the movies a dark skinned woman will be there playing maid, while a light skinned woman would be that successful office lady, who is rich and has a mansion.

Some people swear by high-end skin bleaching products, while others feel drugstore beauty brands are just as good.
Nomawehtu Ndlovu, a cashier from a big supermarket in Port Elizabeth says the product she had actually adored are the fruits of never ending search for the ultimate moisturizer. She says even though doctors warn people day and night of the aftermath of skin bleaching, it always feels good whenever she is bleaching her skin and its like wearing a new dress with a lighter complexion. She goes on to say that being light skinned gives her that confidence and it boosts her self esteem. She believes that within the black society whenever a light skinned person stands up and talk, almost everyone pays attention.

Skin bleaching cream has become a trend in the black society. Dark skinned people have been treated badly by some black people, making jokes of on a daily basis. Due to this social behaviour, most of the cosmetics houses started to keep a close eye to the matter then started making many of skin lightening products.

Several cases have been reported which people have damaged their skin using products that are not healthy for their natural skin. Some of the effects of using skin products that are not appropriate for their natural skin include wounds, irritation, hyper-pigmentation or pigmentation and scars.

When it comes to dating, the greater number of black men is more attracted to light skinned women. Some of them say light skinned women are bright, stand out from others with their beautiful skin and are desired. Because of the color complex prevalent within the black community, may dark skinned men view light skinned women goddess to be placed on the pedestal.


It has been very difficult to those who believe that beauty is being light in complexion to refrain from using such products. Most of the ladies believe that this has become part of their daily lives, and the majority have even find themselves in debt of such products.

Phakamani Ntsele


About Mary Jane Mphahlele

Journalism & Advocate LLB- UNISA Journalism - NMMU

2 thoughts on “Opinion Piece:Dark Skin Vs Dark Skin

  1. Bianca Wicks says:

    This is very interesting. I had no idea this was such a prominent issue. It is strange that people would wnat to change the way they were born for whatever reason. You should be proud of who we are and if others can’t accpet them, then that’s their problem.

    I really like your simply designed site, especially the easily to read font. I can’t wait to see what you produce in the future!

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